Locally Crafted Mead from Indiana

Located in an area known as "The Region" in Northwest Indiana, and considered part of Chicagoland, our ingredients are sourced from the Midwest's bounty of productive Honey Bees and Fruit orchards.  Soon, the commercial batches will be ready for release, and with their success will come a home for Boneflower that allows for camaraderie, easier sales, and a comfortable place to experience many new things.


Boneflower is a hyper local, Micro Meadery handcrafting sophisticated and complex Mead in small batches. The goal is the same now as it was as a hobby; to produce the finest honey-based fermented wines using the latest quality assurance techniques, and endless innovation to create unique and exemplary sensory experiences. Always experimenting in pursuit of the perfect recipe and always anxious to share it!


Unlike the myriad of some 6,000 breweries in the United States, Boneflower is only one in a growing list of less than 500 meaderies. While still relatively small, the interest and excitement behind today's meaderies has made it the fastest growing sector in alcoholic beverages.